What is in a name?

Despite the fact that the Répertoire Déco is a new name, the directory isn’t. Launched in October 2009 under the household name Damask & Dentelle, the web directory grew to include over 2000 unique and original entries. Founder Vanessa Sicotte, a design stylist, blogger and TV personality, created the directory as a way to reach out and share finds of Québec’s design boutiques, artisans and professionals to the consumers as well as people from the design industry.

Vanessa is a respected and trusted voice in the design community as she shares her love for all things decor on television as well as through her columns, her blog and most recently her book under the Damask & Dentelle effigie.

Through the website and blog, the Répertoire Déco helps retailers & creators get the visibility they often cannot afford by their own means. Housed under a single web address, their visibility is increased exponentially.

Your help is crucial in making the Repertoire Déco a success, every time you click, you help the people present on our website to blossom.

We hope you enjoy your visit!