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PiCO Tattoo came to life in 2012 when two moms, both graphic designers, realized that temporary tatoos offered on the market were very much limited. Together they have decided to create PiCO temporary Tattoos ; a fresh and innovative touch for kids Tattoos.

Both mothers combine their artistic eye to designs their own tatoos line. They also work with illustrators from Quebec to create models that will please both children and grown ups.


In the unsuccesful attempt to decorate their home and office space with local products and having to order from the USA, they conceived their own collection of Wall Tattoos.

The wall Tattoos are a temporary solution giving everyone the possibility to quickly bring life to their walls. The collection is widely growing, offering a large range of colors and patterns. The geometrical forms fit perfectly in any types of decors.

“Simple & quick to install” was the idea behind it. Combine different patterns and create different visual effects!

24$ is the price per package. Each package hold between 32 and 120 wall Tattoos, depending on their dimensions and style. We pack efficiantly, keeping shipping at the lowest cost.


The design and production of the wall Tattoos are both made in Quebec and will always be, as we beleive in a sustainable economy.

By buying PiCO, you have the commitment of two mothers that have their clients satisfaction at heart. For this reason, each orders are individually taken care of by one of the owners.

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